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No one thinks of Hawaii as a "Hunting State." Most people assume it's white sand beaches, luaus, and palm trees. It is. But amidst the volcanoes, valleys, forests, and ridges live an array of game animals that most hunters would be surprised to find here. There are Mouflan Sheep & Rio Grande Turkeys on the Big Island. On Maui, Lanai, and Molokai they have the spotted Axis deer, and on Kauai they hunt the elusive Black Tailed deer. Along with other small game birds and goats, most of the islands are known for having Feral pigs, which are widely hunted by locals. Like anywhere new you'd plan on hunting, it's different. Different grounds, vistas, and terrains. It could be dry & open or muddy & thick. But where else could one do an early morning hunt and still be back in time sipping mai tais & snorkeling with the family? If you don't know, now you know!!! HAWAII... Respect & Aloha Always

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For some of us. our passion for hunting runs deep! Not only is it a way of life but we've made it a lifestyle.  There are many reasons to get excited about hunting.  From the destination & terrian, the game variety, the gear, the seasons & the culture.  But for all of us, nothing gets our blood pumping like the thrill of the hunt!

Here you can find & share stories & photos.  Articles, videos & up to date information about the many hunting opportunities happening in your neck of the woods.


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